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Date:  3-1-2013
Number of Hours:  1.75
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Left Fuel Tank

Nearly two hours and nothing to show for it. I fired up the air compressor and the drain valve was leaking (This is the new Kobalt that I got under warranty after the previous Kobalt quit working). I didn't have any o-rings so I moved on to the left tank to install the capacitance plates. I got the outboard plate installed and ran the wire through the snap bushings. I installed the vent tube and twisted the snap bushings to wrap the wire around the tube. I loosely installed the inboard rib and measured and cut the wires. I stripped the wires and crimped the connector to the longer wire but when I crimped the final connector to the shorter wire I managed to pull it from the wire and crimped it to thin air. It was my last connector so tomorrow I will have to try to find some locally. (Note added the next day: No luck on local connectors. Ordered some from Stein Air as well as some more tools). Frustrated, I turned to the stall warning system and the corrected VA-195E I received from Van's today. I prepped the parts and readied them for priming. I took them outside and found out that I was out of NAPA 7220. I gave up for the night. So much for finishing my tanks this weekend.
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