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Date:  5-4-2012
Number of Hours:  3.25
Manual Reference:  7-1, 7-2
Brief Description:  Countersink Tank Attach Holes

I used a piece of scrap aluminum angle and set my countersink cage depth for the #40 and the #30 countersinks. I had purchased a second cage from Avery Tools at Sun N Fun to lessen the frustration of switching between the countersinks. I sacrificed a K1100-08 nutplate and riveted it to the scrap angle to simulate the spar arrangement to set the #30. I set the countersink depth so that the diameter of the hole was 0.365 (0.365-0.375 is the recommended range for #8 screws) and tested it with a screw that I cut down to avoid engaging the nutplate threads. I began countersinking the tank attach holes on the left main spar. A large amount of time tonight was spent pondering the plans and reading the directions before drilling and countersinking the spar.
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