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Aviation Partners, LLC Project
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Date:  10-11-2012
Number of Hours:  7.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Addressed test flight 1 squawks

The first flight punch list includes a rubbing prop govenor control arm, a leaking fuel sending unit gasket on the left side, adjustment of the airlerons, and setting up warning parameters on the G3X. Generally the performance was as expected. The CHTs ran as high as 428 during climb. Cylinder 5 was the hottest. After 1 hour the CHTs had dropped to 400 for the highest and 350 for the lowest. Once again, number 5 was the hottest. A thorough inspection of the cowling and wing roots revealed no other anomolies. Test flight number 2 was conducted for 1 hour. The airlerons need additional tweeking and the aircraft should then fly hands off level. CHT are still in the same 350-400 range now after 2 hours. I have been running full rich for the test flights and burning 19 GPH at 75 to 80 percent power. Speeds without wheel pants are 150 kts TAS.
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