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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  2-24-2016
Number of Hours:  4.00
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Brief Description:  Paint Purchase

Well over the last two days I have finalised the paint purchase.

I was recommended to go to Walzed Paints in Seaford. Ian said that they provide good service and stood by thier product. PPG Deltron is top of the line paints and given the application I was not going to short change this process.

I defintely did not expect the cost that was associated with it. Total price for the paint.....wait for it......$6,800 AUD.

Mind you it seems like I have expensive taste and the paints that I chose were effectively the most expensive that you can buy. It seems the Xirellic is a fantastic metallic, however costs the earth.

The perl is $300/ltr, Base $110/ltr, and the undercoat including Boegel adhesion promoter is effectively $240/ltr.

I chose PPG paints as my experience.... very limited... was that this was good stuff.

The make up is as follows:

Purchased direct from PPG Aerospace.
4 ltrs of PPG CA7700 2 pack epoxy undercoat. Unfortunately, this is the chromated version.

Purchased from Walzed
12 Ltrs of PPG Deltron BC Base coat (Eminent White) - Just labled as thier own brand name Opabase
8 Ltrs of PPG Deltron BC Sonic Quartz (TOY.085) - Just labled as thier own brand name Opabase
20 Ltrs of PPG Deltron Medium Reducer
20 Ltrs of PPG Deltron D800 Clear coat
7 Ltrs of PPG Slow Hardener


One thing that is interesting is you could really get caught out if you dont know anything about paints. Glad I had a painter friend recommoedn these guys.

Thanks to Mark at Walzed:, 1300 88 33 40

Mind you I did find out in discussions that top of the line nail polish at $30/bottle would be three times the cost.
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undercoat, Base, Xirellic and clear

undercoat, Base, Xirellic and clear

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Lexus Eminent White Perl (TOY.085)

Lexus Eminent White Perl (TOY.085)

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