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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  9-15-2014
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  G3i fitment continued

Well overnight I have read and read and swatched video and researched and everything and still no direct answer on Why VH-OBY now won't start.

I have emailed Thomas with all the questions I think I need to ask and await his wisdom.

Called my old friend Peter Austin, and asked him to describe how he would complete the re-assembly and fitment of the mags back on to the engine including the timing.

"Well Andrew, ............, and on number 1 cylinder with one plug in you put your fingure over the hole and rotae to ensure you are on the COMPRESSION stroke........."

At this point I knew exactly what had happened....

I rang Thomas from Oz to US and explained why the questions I asked were now irrelevent.

That evening I went out to the hanger after picking up Dad and I proceeded to set TDC like I did on Sunday. I took the mags off and proceeded to rotate the engine until it was at TDC on the COMPRESSION stroke. I.E until there was a presure build up under my finger and the cylinder was at TDC.

It is obvious, however I had timed the mags to the EXHAUST stroke of thei engine not the compression stroke and as such the mags were 180 degrees out of phase.

I retimed the mags to within a hair of each other completed re-cable tieing everything wheeled VH-OBY outside and...........

Second swing of the prop it fired up. Simple as that. I will not make that mistake again.

I ran through a solid testing of the Mags with switching between each magbeing on or off and with each mag running on EI or just plain mags. all working flawlessly. Lovely.

Only a few issues observed which need sorting out. Tacho was now not presenting the data accurately and the Voltage on my No:1 battery was at 14.6-7 volts. Bit high in comparrision to where it had been previously.

I need to reset the pulse range for the EFIS and recheck tacho.

Look forward to the weekend test flying and validation of the tacho etc...
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