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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  5-19-2014
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Certificate of Airworthiness

Well, the bulk of the work in the last 3.5 years has come down to this process. The CofA.

I collected Martin Ongley from the airport after a shocking delay with Jetstar. a brisk drive to Bacchus Marsh and we we got stuck into it.

I have been "cramming" for weeks on the bookwork and the help from Dan P, on the bookwork was extremely helpful, as was the recent Maintenance Procedures Course run by Brian Ham and Norm Edmunds.

After a lot of paperwork and a good going over, it was handshake time and it was all done bar the shouting.

I want to thank a whole lot of people for getting me to this point.

Firstly, Jacquie and Jamie who have put up with me during this whole process.

My father, who has been just a rock and even when just watching me throw tantrums... thanks. Paul, who has kept me honest with discussions and debate and been instrumental in the eletrical system becoming what it is today. BTW, did I say he was doing LED kits for teh 10 and 7 at very good prices, completed or as a DIY pack?

Peter C, always there to help and who stirred me early in the piece and ensured I always had a friend to talk to about planes. Dan and Andrew, whos support has been fantastic, especially over the final stretch.

Peter Pendergast, Peter Austin, Norm Edmunds, Martin Ongley and a whole lot of other experts in both the SAAA, Kyneton Chapter and the VAF online, thanks for all of the thoughts and support.

Finally, Vans Aircraft for putting together such a great kit. Who would have thought an Accountant working in IT could do something as amazing as this. Wow!!!

Now for the flight testing........
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Looks great!!!!

Looks great!!!!

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Front on.

Front on.

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