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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  5-11-2014
Number of Hours:  9.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Statis, Pitot, Transponder, W&B

Today was a monumentious day. I had the fortune of meeting some great guys that were able to help me towards the final goal of getting this thing in the air and flying.

First off the rank was Peter Lapthorn. He completed my Static and Pitot testing and the transponder testing. As he identified on arriving, static and pitot systems are a .........pain.... to do and this was proven right. It took quite a bit of work getting the system fully compliant. And strangely enough, the standard old AN fittings were the bain of the testing process.

But in the end, we prevailed. Authorised to 20,000 andover 200kts. Also very interesting is that the TSO's Altimeter is out by in excess of 60ft, whereas the AFS units were accurate to <3ft. I am going to raise this with the supplier and see what needs to occur for this to be corrected.

Peter needed to get going by midday, however stayed around another 1/2 hoour to complete the job. I am very thankful for that. Thanks Peter.

Next to arrive was Alan Patching. Wow, what a life's story. And unbeknowns to us at the start, worked with many of the people dad did while dad was at MRL. Look Alan up on the internet around the gliding fraternity..... and a nice guy to boot.

Alan helped out with, I mean managed, the weight control. And being an old hand at that made it look very easy. He was great. Salt of the earth. Thanks Alan.

End result:
Empty Weight = 744kg or 1,637 lbs unpainted

Front Wheel = 189 kg
Right Rear Wheel = 279 kg
Left Rear Wheel = 276 kg

Final CG = 104.91"

Lastly, thanks to Dad and Paul today. your help was invaluble.
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Alan, Dad and I setting W&B

Alan, Dad and I setting W&B

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