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The RV-10 Dream
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Date:  2-5-2011
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  7-6 Rudder
Brief Description:  Drilled, deburred, set edge

I spent the last two days, primarily, finalising the Rudder ready for paint. This way I can do a complete spray of a lot of parts ready for riveting all at once.

It was definitely a task and a half to drill and countersink the trailing edge. I purchased some 2"x1" aluminium angle and created two edge clamps ready for setting the trailing edge with the tank sealant.

The process I followed was:
1. Used one of the skins drailing edges to mark and under drill one of the angles as a blank.
2. Separated the skin from the angle, and match drilled that blank to the other blank.
3. Fit the angles to the trailing edge and confirm straightness of traling edge..... NB: Some minor mismatch, however, Pretty good.
4. Took the angle off the trailing edge; edge holding well enough for dilling.
5. Cleco everything together.
6. Set the cord to dead level using sprit level and supports for stability to the table.
7. Use a right angle as drill guide to drill perpendicular to teh chord line. Worked a treat.
8. Un-cleco'ed everything deburred, set aside ready for paint.
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All ready for paint

All ready for paint

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