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Tony’s RV-7
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Date:  11-7-2019
Number of Hours:  7.17
Manual Reference:  Section 6
Brief Description:  HS - Left and Right HS Assemblies

Left side HS
Set up and match drilled HS-00005 to HS-603PP, removed, cleaned and deburred; Match drilled HS-00006 to HS-702 and HS-00001; Marked and drilled two holes common to HS-00001, HS-702, HS-710 or HS-714 on the forward side of spar bars; Set up and match drilled holes in forward flange of HS-00005 rib; Match drilled HS-601PP (skin) to HS-00005 & HS-00006; Match drilled and drilled to final size all remaining holes attaching HS-601PP (skin); Removed skin and drilled remaining holes in HS-714, HS-710 and HS-00001.

Right side HS
Cleco'd HS-702, HS-603PP, HS-706, HS-707 and HS-708; drilled all (except HS-708 to HS-603PP) HS-706, HS-707, HS-708 holes to #30 then Un-cleco'd deburred and re-cleco'd.

Sanded/polished HS-609PP
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