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Swinnys 4 Place Bush Explorer
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Date:  1-26-2013
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Pondering methods of strengthening the wings

Started running the stringers and I have been trying to work out a simple & lightweight method of generating more strength in the wing between rib 3 inboard to rib 9.

The Canadian TSB Lab Report on a C.A.D.I. wing of similar design that failed in 2009 showed that a compression failure of the top skin and spars occurred just inboard of rib 7 and the strut attachment points at the spars.

I will wait untill the Aeronautical Engineer that I have engaged turns up, before doing too much more, but I've been thinking that generating another spar along the centre of the wing between ribs 3 - 9 by using the stringer channels to form a truss arrangement and then plate that on each side maybe one answer, if it is deemed necessary.

The two centre stringers are vertically above & below each other and lend themselve nicely to what I have in mind.
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