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Date:  4-27-2020
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Install TSFlightlines Oil Pickup

1330 - 1730

I talked to Matco about the brake fittings today. They recommend Loctite 567 on all fitting, and were concerned that the caliper fitting would also leak because of the permatex sealant. I decided to remove the two caliper fittings, clean them, and reinstall them using Loctite 567. All NPT fittings in the brake system are now sealed with Loctite 567.

Finish installtion of the new oil pickup line.

Remove old fittings.

The new 45 degree fitting needed to be counter bored for the finger strainer. This was accomplishe using a machinists vise and drill press.

Apply Loctite 567 install finger strainer, and install the 45 degree fitting in the engine case. Fitting was clocked short of final position to allow for adjustment.

The new line is not very flexible due to its length; I was able to get a much better fit using the orginal street Tee fitting to add some length. This had the added benefit of moving the line further from any interference and increas the bend radius, making a shallow bend.

The new line was attached to the 120 degree fitting finger tight.

The street Tee was prepared and installed in the sump.

The 1/2" NPT plug was installed in the open side of the street Tee. The second tee was then installed and clocked just short of its final position. The clocking was changed in small increments until the desire fit was achieved between the Tee, hose, and case. The flare fittings were then secured with a wrench.

All NPT threads were sealed with Loctite 567.

The oil quick drain was then installed and clocked.
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