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Date:  2-10-2018
Number of Hours:  4.10
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Fabricate Custom Preheat Harness

1406 - 1812

I decided to fabricate a new harness for the preheat system. The wire, connectors, and housings arrived today.

Using the old cut harness as a guide, I fabricated a new custom harness using standard techniques. I had previously purchased the crimping tool for the pins and it worked great.

The new harness was protected with fire sleeve from the old harness and all joints were sealed with self vulcanizing silicone tape. The pad heater wires were also shortened. The pad heater wire was routed and tie wrapped to the engine mount. Tie wraps were used to secure the band heater wires to the pushrod tubes, as described in the pre heater instructions.

All wires were connected and the system was tested. I plugged the extension into the IEC connector and then AC power. All band heaters and pad heqater were then checked for an increase in temperature...they warm right up!

Next I started work on the plug wire routing by installing the separators to the horizontal mounts.
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