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Date:  1-20-2018
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Cabin Heat Ducts

1330 - 1730

Install cabin heat ducts.

Today was spent fitting SCAT tubing to the baffle flanges, heavt valves, and bypass valves. I ended up one length of SCAT short so I am going to order a piece of SCEET tubing to try. The SCAT has only one layer of silicone, so the support wire tends to unwrap when it's cut. The SCEET has two layers and the wire is constrained between the layers. It may work better, we will see.

I fabricated a SS clamp to support the right side SCAT that goes between the #5 baffle flange and the #3 heat muff. This is a longer piece of tubing and I decided to support it in the middle. Standard techniques were used to fabricate the 025 x 3/4" band clamp.

I received an order of Adel clamps today, so I installed the support clamps on the two fuel lines that go between the firewall bulkhead fittings and each fuel rail.
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