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Date:  1-5-2018
Number of Hours:  2.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine Baffling, Exhaust

1530 - 1800

Install heat muff on #2 exhaust. Determine SCAT routing.

I decided to remove the #5 baffle to improve its fit on the zero fin depth cylinder. I trimmed the silicone sheet that was applied to the head section baffle wrap around. Next, I fitted a piece of 3/32 slicone to the cylinder area where the traditional washer is located. This piece of silicone not only shims the baffle as a washer does but it also seals a large leak in the #5 baffle.

Install #5 baffle, verify fit.

I added some Red RTV to seal the baffle wrap around on the inner edge of the head portion. Care was taken so that no RTV was allowed between the fins. It was applied to create an air dam.

RTV was applied at several baffle corners to seal leaks.

Applied a second and final coat of paint on the intake plenums.
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