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Date:  12-9-2017
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine Baffling

1500 - 1700

Install ignition wire grommets.

Install igintion wires for positioning.

Determine neatest wire location, match drill baffles for wire separator mounts.

One of the mounts will be located in the spark plug access hole in the baffle. This is an oversized hole that falls across the edge of the baffle doubler. I decided to machine a stepped washer to fit over this doubler.

Using the Smithy, I milled a 1/2" slot, 064" deep, in a piece of .125 6061 aluminum. Using a hole saw, I created a stepped washer that will fit over the doubler and lay flush on the baffle. Two washers were fabricated.

Wire separator mount were installed and fit verified.
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