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Date:  10-7-2017
Number of Hours:  7.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Engine Baffling

1030 - 1800

Continued working with my Dad today.

We fabricated the right side front baffle from 2024 aluminum sheet. Very satisfied with the end result! There were several bends and we needed to translate the baffle aft about 1 1/4" due to the governor. I opted for the Hartzell governor and it is a full 3" in diameter. I decided to shift the baffle aft to provide clearance for the governor. This change necessitated altering the top portion of the baffle as well..

Once the front baffle was clecoed in postion, we fabricated the inlet ramp. As with the left side, we opted for angles riveted to the baffling to provide mounting flanges for the ramp.

We were able to fabricate the support angles, position them, match drill, and cleco them to the front baffle, inboard side.

Almost done with a really big job!
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