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Date:  9-17-2017
Number of Hours:  3.30
Manual Reference:  FF-2
Brief Description:  Engine Baffling, Intake

1212 - 1300 1530 - 1800

Continue with baffling.

Using a combination of Vans plans and Showplanes instructions, I modified the #1 front baffle and attachment to facilitate fitting the intake plenum. This required trimming the #1 front baffle for clearance on the cowl and intake plenum. Once I had the #1 baffle secured, I was able to cleco and clamp the plenum in place.

Next, I prepared the plenum for fiberglass. The idea was to extend the center plenum flanges by about an inch. I wrapped the plenum in 5 mil plastic (from a heavy duty palstic bag) and taped it to the plenum with packing tape. This should prevent the epoxy from bonding the plenum but not the center plenum flange thus extending the flange.

Mixed epoxy and using a trash bag and roller, wet out the 2" cloth tape. I used tape to provide a clean edge.

Next, I carefully applied 4 layers of 9 oz f/g tape around the intake plenum/center plenum joint.

Hopefulley, tomorrow I will be able to remove the intake plenum from the center plenum, leaving a custom formed socket for the intake.
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