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Date:  9-8-2017
Number of Hours:  3.30
Manual Reference:  FF-2.1>4
Brief Description:  Engine Baffling

1300 - 1418 1518 - 1718

Remove temporary joiner in center plenum.

Rough sand exterior of center plenum to remove f/g strings.

Install center plenum.

Install lower cowl.

Verify fit of center plenum with cowl. Check approximate location of side plenums.

Continue trimming, deburring, and smoothing of baffle pieces.

Cleco doublers to #6 baffle. Final dril.

Remove clecos, debur holes. Dimple per plans.

Rivet doublers per plans using p-squeezer.

Adjust #6 baffle, verify fit.

Cleco aft baffles together, final drill common holes.

Remove clecos, debur holes.

Final drill tension rod holes using #27 drill.

Cleco #6 baffle doubler in position, final drill.

Remove clecos, debur holes.

Rivet doubler per plans using p-squeezer.

NOTE: I purchased the baffle kit from Van's. The VA-187 4" duct flange IS NOT INCLUDED in this kit. Really? Installation of this flange is like step 3 and it would be difficult to proceed without installing it. It should be included in the kit.
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