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Bobs Ten
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Date:  9-3-2017
Number of Hours:  2.30
Manual Reference:  FF-2
Brief Description:  Engine Baffle

1500 - 1718

Studied intake system again. I will need to remove and re glass the back of the right plenum to facilitate clearance with the #1 exhaust pipe. Apparently, the exhaust that Showplanes designed around is no longer available, and the Custom Aircraft exhaust is a bit different.

It also looks as if the fit of the intake plenums is not as bad as I thought. It will work but I will need to replace the plenums that are now too short.

Remove lower cowl.

Trim and smooth lower aft fairing.

Install lower aft fairing and verify fit.

Temporarily install #1, #3, #2 exhaust pipes. Verify fit of heater muffs. The #3 muff looks like it will work fine. the #2, I need to do some research on. I need to find out where the scat tubing vent is located on the baffling to determine if the muff will work.

Apply epoxy/micro mix to center plenum joints.

begin to debur and smooth all baffle edges.
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