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Date:  5-27-2017
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Install Oil Pickup Line, Alternator Bushing, Prop

1900 - 2030

Installed new oil pickup line fromTS Flightlines, Tom is great to work with! Line passes over engine mountsupport then down and around to the sump Tee.

Install 5/16 x 3/4 x 5/16 steel bushing between alternator and tension arm. Additional thickness was required due to new placement of the alternator caused by the dual pulley bracket. Temporarily install drilled head bolt.

Fabricate 4 nylon spacers to properly position the temporary spinner disk. These spacers were fabricated from 1/2" ID by 1" OD by 2" long nylon spacers. They were cut and trued to 40 mm per the MT blueprints. This is the spinner to ring gear offset. Two of the spacers were counter bored to accept the prop flange bushings using a 3/4" drill in the lathe.

Using a temporary spinner back plate will prevent the multiple install and removal of the actual prop, while yielding better access to the fitting of the cowl. The temporary back plate was fabricated using a router and circle jig, and is 374 mm in diameter, matching the MT blueprints for the P-457 spinner required for the MTV-9 hub and ShowPlanes cowl.
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