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Date:  3-28-2017
Number of Hours:  1.90
Manual Reference:  FF-1
Brief Description:  Install Engine

1330 - 1448 1542 - 1618

Install BPE - IO540X.

Engine was lifted into position using engine lift.

Install J-3804-20 Lord Mounts with spacer.

Position engine and install motor mount bolts per Vans. This was a bit of a challenge as the fourth bolts was difficult to align. A call to Barrett helped. I ended up snugging the 3 bolts down to draw the engine into the mount. Then, I had to loosen the bolts a bit to get the fourth bolt to line up. Finally got the bolt through and the nuts on.

Torqued bolts to 450 - 500 inlbs and inserted cotter key.

Remove engine lift.
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