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Date:  3-4-2017
Number of Hours:  2.10
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Install Airwolf Remote Oil Filter

1500 - 1706

I decided to shorten the stock gear leg brake lines by 1/2" to facilitate a better fit. The new lines came in the mail today. Thanks Tom at TSFlightlines!

Install 1 layer of friction tape in three places.

Install brake line and secure with friction tape per plans.

I had to remake the SS firewall doubler for the oil filter mount.

Layout rivet holes in doubler.

Drill doubler for -3 rivets using #40 drill.

Debur holes.

Secure doubler to firewall with bolts, match drill firewall to doubler, cleco as drilled.

Remove all clecos.

Debur all holes.

Dimple doubler and firewall for flush rivets.

Cleco and bolt doubler in place.

Rivet doubler to firewall.

Install oil filter support bracket and aluminum doubler on firewall.

Install oil filter base on bracket per Airwolf instructions.
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