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Date:  10-21-2019
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  Sect 7-2
Brief Description:  Primed Left and Right Wing Spar Screw Countersinks

I primed all of the countersinks on the upper and lower flange of the left and right wing spar. To do this I elected to use the NAPA 7220 Self Etching primer. I elected to use this over the marhyde because I thought that the self etching primer may be a bit more durable and requred no manual etching on the srew dimples. I simply sprayed the primer into a paper bowl and applied it using q-tips. Some of the primer ran, but a majority of it was viscous enough to stay in the holes after application. After to liberal coats of primer to every hole, I left the spars to dry.
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