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Date:  11-8-2019
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  Sect 7-2 thru 3
Brief Description:  Wing Rib Preparation

I began the process of preparing the wing ribs today. The first task was to seperate which ribs will got to the left wing and then which will go to the right wing. I had to make a chart for this because the plans only depict the left wing, the right wing is made in mirror to the left. So everywhere on the the plans that call for a left rib on the left wing, a right rib is used on the right wing. After speperating the ribs I had three tasks to accomplish.

1. Smooth all of the edges of the lightening holes and edges around the entire inner and outer circumfrance of the ribs.
2. Bend all of the flanges back to 90 degrees
3. Flute the ribs, so that they lay flat and vahe no bends over their length and width. I did this on a sheet of glass to ensure the straightest rib as possible.

With 14 ribs per wing, each of which ahve three lightening holes, and many nooks and crannies to sand this was an immense job. But slowly working one by one over a few days of work sessions I slowly worked my way through the problems. Sometimes I had to slow down when I found myself doing silly things like fluting the rib flanges in the wrong direction, but I found and corrected my errors. At some points in time I found it best to simply stop, and work on something else when the work became too boring.

To bend all of the rib flanges to 90 degrees, I bult a tool that I had found on various blogs and on Van's Air Force. The tool allows you to rapidly straighten the rib flanges in using the force generated by the moving arm.
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