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Date:  12-3-2018
Number of Hours:  1.50
Manual Reference:  Sect 6-3
Brief Description:  Horizontal Stab Spar Work

Today I worked on finishing off filing the relief holes on the HS-702 Forward Spar. Finished off filing and sanding down the rough edges on the HS-702 Horizontal Stab Forward Spar.

I also made sure that the flanges on the inner section of the HS-702 were sufficiently flattend. To assure that the work was done correctly, I sent pictures to Vans Technical Advisers to check the relief angle from the hole ot the edge of the spar

I then began fluting the Horizontal Stab's Ribs. Most of the ribs had only a slight bend, so it did not take much to properly flute them, But having never fluted an aluminum part before I had to do a bit research on line about what is a correct flute and how the part must look when fluting was completed.

After completing the fluting of all the ribs, I then spent some time smoothing out all edges and removing the burs on the Horizontal Stab ribs with the scotch brite wheel and sand paper.
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