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Date:  6-18-2020
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Misc wiring tasks

Removed avioinics shelves and Installed a standoff on the RH side of the avioinics bay bulkhead and bolted an adel clamp to it to support the EGT and CHT wires for cylinders 1 and 3. String tied with wires

Installed expandable sleeveing over the cylinder 1 and 3 EGT and CHT wires and Mag P-leads. Clamped the wire harness back in place.

Removed the panel and replaced the remaining zip ties on the wire harnesses and pitot-static lines with string ties.

Replaced the avionics shelves and started to reinstall the panel mounted equipment in preparation for a powerup test once the firewall mounted primary powerwiring is completed.
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