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Date:  6-5-2020
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Forward section wiring

Sanded the two wingtips with 400 grit. Sprayed high build primer on one of the tips. Ran out of primer to do the other one.

Continued working out the wire routing from the avionics bay to the firewall.

Drilled out the standoff I had mounted to the inside of the avionics bay lower bulkhead and replaced it with an AN3-4 bolt because it worked out better.

Solder spliced extension wires on two of the ground wires that were a little short.

Installed two standoffs on the LH lower forward longerons.

Drilled holes in the firewall for the "forest of tabs" ground block and bolted it in place.

Mounted a standoff on the forward side of the LH landing gear tower to support an Adel clamp.

Terminated the ground wire from the avionics bay ground block with a spade connector and plugged it on the firewall ground block.
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