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Date:  5-5-2019
Number of Hours:  3.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Volatge regulator wiring

I decided to use a B&C brand alternator because it seems to have the best reliablity. One reason is because it uses an external voltage regulator which is mounted in the cabin away from the harsh environment of the engine compartment.

Temporatriy taped the voltage regulator the the aft side of the avionics bay as a trial fit.

I had previously routed the alternator field wire from the VP-X pro to the point where it will exit the firewall on the way to the alternator. For the external VR the field wire first goes to the VR and then from the VR to the alternator so I pulled some slack in the wire I had previously run to the firewall and cut it at the point where the (now two wires) will conncet to the VR.

Cut and routed to two 18 gauge black wires from the VR to the point on the firewall where the forward forrest of tabs will be located. The B&C VR has two grounds one on pin 7 and one on the case.

Ran an additional power wire from the VP-X to the VR for the VR sense circuit

Labled all wires
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B&C Voltage Regulator location

B&C Voltage Regulator location

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