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Date:  9-24-2017
Number of Hours:  3.00
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Brief Description:  Main battery ground lug

Fabricated an angle to serve as the grounding point for the battery. The main ground wire from the battery will be attached to this point. Drilled #40 holes through the angle and the mid-aft longeron. Countersank the top of the longeron since the aft baggage shelf will sit on top of it. Drilled the holes out for #30 oops rivets. Scuffed, cleaned and primed the angle (didn't prime the faying surface that will be in contact with the longeron).

Used lacquer thinner to remove the primer from the faying surface on the bottom of the longeron to allow for a good electrical contact between the parts.

Riveted the angle to the longeron.

Cleaned the attachment screws for the throttle quadrant mount. Painted the heads with the interior paint and cured them in the oven.
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