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Date:  1-12-2019
Number of Hours:  9.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  VP-X Pro first power up

Finished terminating the ground wires at the avionics bay ground block.

Terminated a #6 wire with a 1/4 inch ring terminal. Attached the ring terminal to the VP-X Pro power lug and routed the wire to the LH forward area just aft of the firewall. Removed the SV-429 shelf and drilled/installed a nut plate for a P-clamp to hold the VP=X power wire. Reinstalled the shelf and attached a clamp to the wire.

Installed a ring terminal on the opposite end of the VP-X power wire.

Installed temporary ring terminals on all of the wires that will eventually be attached to the firewall ground block. Bolted all of the ring terminals together. to serve as a temporary common ground.

Disconnected the large connectors from the VP-X. Tested each circuit to verify that the power wires were connected at the right locations. The only one that was wrong was the G5 power was connected to the aircraft power 2 pin on the G5 rather than aircraft power 1. This wouldn't have caused a problem but I decided to correct it so that it would match the wire diagrams.

Attached the VP-X power wire to the positive side of the battery and used a jumper wire to connect the negative side to the screw bolting the ring terminals together. This powered up the VP-X

Connected a laptop to the VP-X Pro's Ethernet port and used the Vertical Power configurator program to install the configuration file that was created by the planner program on the Vertical power website. Used the configurator to disable the circuits that weren't yet hook up such as the landing lights and nav/stobes.

Powered up the Skyview display and ran the configuration program which detected the other parts of the system.

Downloaded the latest version of the Skyview software and uploaded it to the Skyview display.

Connected the SV-GPS-2020 wire leads to the corresponding ones on thy Skyview display. The wire was long enough to reach beyond the back door so I put the antenna outside and configured the system for it. When the GPS locked on enough satellites the m
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