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Date:  9-24-2018
Number of Hours:  1.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Audio panel power up

Cut two red and two black 22 ga wires for the GMA245 audio panel power and ground wires to length, labeled them and terminated one end of each with a D-sub pin. Installed the wires in the audio panel D-sub and temporarily hooked it up to the battery to power it up and test the intercom functionality.

The panel powered up with no issues and the lights on the front came on. I plugged headsets into the pilot's and co-pilot's jacks. Both headsets worked fine and Lynn and I were able to converse over the intercom while wearing them.

Next I attached the power wire for the Bose headset lemo connector to the battery and plugged my Bose headset into the lemo connector. It worked fine and the noise cancelling stayed powered on even after I removed the batteries.

While still wearing the headset I paired the audio panel with my cell phone bluetooth and streamed some music on the phone. After changing the audio source button on the GMA245 I could hear the music through my headset.

The final test was to make a call on my cellphone. This worked fine and I was able to talk on the phone via the headset.
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It's alive

It's alive

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