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Date:  8-19-2018
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Finiished lower switch panel wiring and installed

Terminated the power and ground wires for the front seat USB charge outlet with a molex connector. Fabricated a short, two wire harness with a molex connector on one and two ring connectors on the other. Attached the two ring connectors to the USB circuit board with #6 screws and connected the molex connector to its mating half on the power/ground wire.

Cut a couple of the wires attached to the E-bus switches a little shorter and installed new ring terminals. String tied the lower switch panel wire bundle and cut off the temporary zip ties.

Installed a standoff on the lower panel support rail with the intention to attach an Adel clamp to it to support the wire harness, but after clamping the harness to it I realized that it holds the harness to high allowing it to make contact with the wires at the switches. This can cause wear through the wire insulation so I removed the Adel clamp and will leave the harness unsupported. I'll probably remove the standoff too.

Installed nut plates for attaching the four landing gear tower Adel clamp supports to the gear towers.
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