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Date:  1-9-2021
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Throttle cable bracket part 1

Began fabrication of a bracket support for the fuel servo end of the throttle cable. The Van's supplied parts wouldn’t work as designed on my Superior engine and I decided to follow the lead of some other builders and fabricate a simple, flat support that would bolt to the bottom of the engine sump and provide a place to bolt on the VA-163 bracket. The VA-163 is intended for the mixture cable, but I'm using it on the throttle cable since I’m not using the Van’s bellcrank configuration for the mixture control.

I started with a piece of 2" wide 1/4" flat 6061-T6 aluminum cut to length with a 5/`6" hole near one end This hole is to support the aft end of the plate using one of the engine sump bolt holes with a spacer between the plate and the sump. I bought a spacer and a 3 1/2" long 5/16-18 bolt from the hardware store for mock up purposes.

I then aligned the forward end of the plate with the right hand boss on the bottom of the sump and marked the location of the two holes in the boss. I removed the plate and drilled 1/4" holes.

Once the holes were drilled I cut the plate to the rough overall shape and bolted it to the bottom of the engine. I installed the VA-163 bracket on the throttle cable and clamped the bracket to the support plate.

I hooked up the rod throttle cable rod end to the throttle arm and adjusted the locatio of the VA-163 to find the best position that would allow full travel of the throttle . Like the mixture and propellor, it appears than I'm not going to get full travel of the throttle due to the throw of the cable.
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