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Date:  12-16-2020
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Governor linkage adjustment

After installing the engine I realized that the way the cable bracket was mounted on the governor would not allow for the most direct routing of the governor cable so tonight I removed the governor from the engine, cut off the safety wires on the six screws on the housing, moved the bracket counter clockwise to the next set of the mounting holes and clocked the governor arm 60 degrees CC to match the new bracket location. I then reinstalled and safety wired the screws.

I temporarily installed the governor with two nuts to check the cable throw but when I attempted to hook up the linkage I found that the specified AN3-11 bolt could not be inserted from the inside per the plans due to interference with the governor housing. I assume that my governor is not the same as the one in the plans. To make it work, I ended up using an AN3-10 bolt inserted from the aft side of the governor actuator arm with one less washer in the stack up and a thinner washer under the bolt head. This allowed for sufficent threads showing past the locknut and no interference between the bolt and the governor housing screws. There is also sufficient clearance between the linkage and the actuator arm. I still need to permanently install the governor, cable and linkage.

Tonight I also cleaned up, scuffed and primed the bracket for the RH end of the hard MP line.
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