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Date:  9-18-2020
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Windscreen trimming and sanding

Used popcycle sticks to break the new layups loose from the canopy.

Trimmed the new layups at the aft end of the windscreen.

Trimmed some areas on the canopy that need to be layed up again include the RH side notch that matches the joggle where the bubble meets the skirt. The electrical tape in this area was tight and pulled away from the skirt before the expoy cured so the laminate didn't match to correct contour. Also trimmed the aft lower corners of the LH and RH windscreen areas. After I trimmed these areas I added a number of layers of electrical tape building upwards the lower aft corners so that there will be a large enough gap between the windscreen and skirt to prevent them from hitting.
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