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Date:  7-14-2019
Number of Hours:  4.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Canopy Bubble Trimming Part 5

Continued trimming the nose of the canopy bubble to fit the fuselage and roll bar. I didn't make any cuts with the cutoff wheel today but used the belt sander to remove material and fine tune the fit.

Used the sanding drum to enlarge the notches where the canopy bubble contacted the frame. Cut a slot in the aft end of the bubble for clearance at the canopy track and allow the bubble to sit lower.

Cut a piece of a cardboard box to match the shape of the roll bar per the Van's instructions. This will be sandwiched between the roll bar and the front of the canopy frame to act as a guide to identify where to cut the windshield from the aft section of the canopy.

Removed the canopy frame and bent the forward vertical support forward at the top end to make it parallel to the roll bar. This took about three tries to get the required amount.

Reinstalled the canopy frame on the fuselage and installed the cardboard between the frame and roll bar. Positioned the bubble in place on the fuselage and taped the windshield to the upper forward skin to hold it in place during the "big cut".

Clamped the canopy to the canopy frame in two places on each side.

So I'm ready for the big cut. Next session I'll double and triple check that everything is positioned properly and then I'll make the cut to separate the canopy. I may however, remove the bubble and sand off a bit more material from the bottom of the windshield because the bubble isn't quite touching the roll bar and the very top.
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