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Date:  4-18-2009
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Floor Prep

My shop is an old hangar that has seen many uses over the years. The original building is several hangars and loads of office space and dates from 1934. It was built by the Works Projects Agency. It big and beautiful. One small part of it is a three plane hangar to which one space was sacrificed in the 70s to make some office space in the hangar. This office old space has become my shop.

The floor was carpet - not ideal for a shop floor. So I pulled it up and found a layer of tiles (not asbestos laden!) which I pulled up and then found two layers of paint. A bit of scraping got rid of most of the paint. A young man that likes to hang around the airport quite a bit, Matt, was instrumental in getting this done. He did tons of the yeoman's work on pulling the carpet and cleaning up the tiles.

Finally, I was down to bare concrete - mostly. But I wanted a nicer floor so I got busy with the epoxy based garage floor paint.

I used the Rustoleum product pictured below. It worked well and coated nicely. Also, they state it will cover 250 square feet... it won't. It covered 320. I bought two gallons and covered the floor twice. Once again, this wasn't a solo effort, Chris Porter was a terrific help. He helped scrape the floor and did quite a bit of the painting. It was quite a sacrifice because he was supposed to be up flying and instead was stuck in the hangar listening to planes depart overhead. Thanks Chris.

All done with the floor. We'll see tomorrow if two coats does the job. It's a colossal pain to move all the benches, tools, tables, and storage shelves so I really don't want to do this again.

*****Updae***** I couldn't help myself so I went back to the shop tonight... Chris was still there, sitting on a sofa we keep in the hangar. He had pulled it outside (it's on wheels) and was basking in our first great spring day. After chatting with Chris, I checked the floor and it looks terrific. There won't be a third coat.
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The paint from Home Depot.  $64 per gallon.

The paint from Home Depot. $64 per gallon.

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Worth the effort

Worth the effort

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