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Dick Fisher
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Date:  4-30-2015
Number of Hours:  6.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Firewall

The addition of the stainless steel firewall makes
the forward fuselage start to look like an airplane.
There is a technique to drilling the stainless which
took me a few minutes to remember.
Use low speed and lots of pressure with a colbalt
drill bit, although the HSS bits will work too. There
were a few holes I had to use a junk drill bit and
a small hammer to make an indentation in the
stainless to be able to drill the hole. Up drilling to
#30 was very easy.
The rest of this work session was spent drilling
the left side skin holes to #30. Tomorrow I hope
to finish up drilling the right side and bottom skins.
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Added Firewall

Added Firewall

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