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Date:  7-29-2012
Number of Hours:  2.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  MS Project For Completion

I got back from Oshkosh. I had hoped to find RVs to gleen information about Firewall Forward. Amazingly, NOTHING.

I did find that I really don't want anything else on the RV. I just want to finish. So it is time to eat the elephant a bite at a time.

I did a lot of web research and answered most of my firewall forward issues.

It is now time to get down to it. So I spent much of the day building a task list in MS Project to identify all the remaining tasks. I working in 1 hour units.

I came up with about 360 hours of work. That is less than two man-months between me and flying - just 9 weeks. But, I have other things going. So, the goal is 10 hours per week. Reasonable. Accomplishable.

At that rate, I will be finished in time for First Flight in May, 2013 - a year later than planned.
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