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Dans RV8
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Date:  6-25-2019
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Inital Fitting of the Baffle Seals

I had asked Vans if they would sell the seal kit from the RV14 kit ($800) separately. They were a little slow to answer me and I had the material so we decided to make our own seals from scratch.

The picture shows the first fitting before trimming. After this fitting, we trimmed both the top and bottom of the seals to follow the contours of the aluminum seals. Amzaingly, these ended up looking pretty much like the Vans seals.

And yes, they will sell the seal kit separately. If you want to order them:
CB-00032 Silicone Baffle Kit $107.80

Had they gotten back quickly, I would have ordered and waited for this kit. I would have saved some time. But, I saved $107.80 and a week delay by using the material I already had. Starting over, I would definitely recommend the $800 baffle kit for the RV14 as it would have saved me 30-40 hours spent in fabricating parts from scratch. The IO360 baffles simply don't work too well on the IO390.
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Left Aft Corner of Engine

Left Aft Corner of Engine

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