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Date:  8-30-2015
Number of Hours:  10.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Vertical stabilizer/misc

Very productive week

-Glued stabilizer in place
-After everything dried, I noticed that it shifted about one degree to the left, which should actually help with the engine I'm installing. I guess we'll see.
-Built rudder control horn (twice)
-Cut out and glued gap seal templates and started adding foam

-Glued four verticals between rear spar and upper shelf for seat back
-Started making seat backs out of plyfoam

-Filled in gaps at elevator hinges and re-glassed. Cut out just enough to install bolts and allow full up/down travel. Floxed inside area to seal exposed foam. The remaing hole will be covered with tape to reduce drag and allow periodic inspections of hinges. Elevator is now installed and trapped in by vertical stab
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