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Date:  1-31-2018
Number of Hours:  25.50
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Wiring, Fuel and Misc

1/14 4 cut and glued lower panel mounting blocks
Built EGT/CHT wiring harness
1/15 3
-Cut and added spacers to panel blocks
-Cut and glued canopy latch mounts
1/16 1 installed canopy latches and messed with panel mount
1/18 1
-drilled panel mount
-Drained engine oil to fix oil pan leak
1/22 3
-fabricated upper panel mounts
-redid oil pan gasket to hopefully stop leak
1/23 1 worked on wiring
1/24 3 More wiring
-installed firewall pass through
-soldered stick grip wires
1/26 2 More wiring
1/27 3
-cleared out garage
-mounted engine
-More wiring
-made fuel line to carb
-Tried to seal fuel tank again
1/28 4
-leak check failed on tank, new leak discovered
-mounted AFR gauge
-made new right rudder pedal
1/29 .5
-Drill holes for fuel fitting and carb heat
-sealed tank again........
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