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Date:  8-5-2017
Number of Hours:  17.20
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Right wing

5/3 1 Glued wing ribs
5/5 2 sanded ribs to contour
Cut glass for tank ribs and glassed
5/6 1.5 glassed center rib closed after making cutouts for baffle
5/7 2 cut and glassed top panel
5/10 1.5 made repairs to top panel to remove pinholes
5/13 1 temp installed top and microed/glassed edges
5/14 .5 finished top edges
5/15 1 cut and glassed bottom of tank
5/16 .7 glassed bottom edges
6/26 2 glassed last edges, made fuel pickup, floxed in fuel line and level sender
6/27 .5 fixed level sender
6/28 .5 glassed top into place
6/29 found leak in tank....yay
7/2 1 cut hole in top of tank. Freed up stuck fuel level sender and ordered tank sealer to fix leak
7/14 2 after a second slosh still have a small leak to fix. Have to wait until I can have the wing upside down to fix.
8/5 1 disconnected wing and sloshed again
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