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Randy's 750 Cruzer Project
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Date:  3-21-2020
Number of Hours:  3.00
Manual Reference:  C75-FA-1
Brief Description:  Cut & drill support for fuel header tank

It is my intention to use the 2.5 gallon fuel header tank from Viking Engines. I will mount it behind the baggage area on the passenger side.

I am replacing the existing L angle C75F18-1 on the right rear fuselage side with a 3/4" x 3/4" aluminum tube.

Today I cut the tube to length and angled the botton end so that it fits with the bottom longeron. Next I used the existing L angle as a guide to mark the top and bottom holes. I then drilled the top and bottom holes on the drill press, after which I clecoe'd the tube in place and drilled the remaining holes.
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