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Thatcher CX-5 Build Log
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Date:  7-14-2019
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  It Must Be Cleansed

I ran out of space in the shop.

This weekend I moved the plane so it is set diagonally in the garage. I moved the floor mats and the second EAA-plans table, so I have a clean work surface next to the plane. This also makes getting in easier. I cleaned off about half of each of the other two work tables, yielding one and two-halves workbenches free.

I also cleared off space for the blueprints, moved the stick metal to horizontal storage, and re-organized my parts, fastener, tools, et cetera. I even organized my PPE, although I forgot to label the drawers. Maybe tomorrow.

Jon E., the other CX5 builder stopped by today to take a look at the tail and see what will await him in the near future.
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