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Thatcher CX-5 Build Log
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Date:  9-27-2020
Number of Hours:  24.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Windscreen and Canopy, Cont'd

Okay, so the good news. The windscreen is installed. Frame is built and attached, plexiglass is installed, the sunshield is covered in a vinyl wrap material that is very rough and non-reflective, and the sunshield edge protection is installed as well.

The moderate news; The flat side-windows of the canopies are installed.

The bad news: The curved top windows on the canopies need to be removed and reinstalled. It turns out the aluminum skin is holding a certain amount of energy, like a spring, where it is curved. And the plexiglass holds a certain amount of energy, like a spring, where it is curved. Since my amatuer construction methods can't get those two curves to be perfect fits, effectively the top widows and frames apply constant tension and slowly peel the acrylic and frame apart. I found out as I found a few partial failures once they'd been installed for a few days. The edges need to be reinforced to clamp the plexiglass in place. I'm hoping to get to that this week. Also on the bad news quotient, I am no longer going to be using the Aeromomentum AM10 engine. I called them again to follow up on their process, and have been told that they are putting development of the AM10 on hold while they work on their much larger AM2X engine. Maybe in a year, they'll get back to it. At least they are returning my deposit, but this is 18 months later that I find myself scrambling. It looks like GT at Mohawk Aero will come through with a Phazer for N74SG.
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