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Thatcher CX-5 Build Log
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Date:  3-1-2020
Number of Hours:  12.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Port Side Wiring Cont'd

I got the switch sub-panel wired, save for the lighting and fuel pump stardboard side connectors and the master switch. I've picked up a Carling VXD1AX0B switch, which should provide the correct functionality, but I can't find a description of the pin-outs. This is irksome, but I hope to solve that sooner rather than later.

I also got the port side wiring done, and a lot more in the electrical bay completed. The firewall positive and negative passthroughs are installed, as seen in the first picture. Immedeately above them is the forest of tabs style grounding bar. The fuse blocks on the bulkhead in the first picture have been covered in painter's tape, so I can label each fuse as I go. Once done, I'll replace the painter's tape with something prettier. The wiring around the fuse blocks is termporariy organized still with safety wire and velcro.

The second picure shows the port side wiring harness, all dressed out with waxed lacing.

The third picture is the Deutsch DT series waterproof quick connector I'm using at the end of the wing stubs. This thing is outstanding! Inexpensive, easy to crimp and wire. I realy like this. I've got it's mate for the starboard wing, and now I'm looking at picking up a slightly smaller one for the cockpit-to-engine-bay wire passthrough.
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