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Thatcher CX-5 Build Log
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Date:  2-8-2020
Number of Hours:  8.00
Manual Reference:  
Brief Description:  Port Side Fuel Lines and Manifold

I've been slowed down in my build with walking pneumonia. If you have the chance, give that one a hard pass. It's less fun than it sounds. Still very tired, but I got some work done.

First up is the firewall penetration of my new fuel manifold. The ball valves will permit the high pressure fuel to run from the tanks to the engine, but will not permit flow back to the tank. With this, I can have separate left tank and right tank pumps, and power them off and on to switch tanks or draw from both on takeoff and landing. No switching valves turned by hand to leak. And the Eggenfeller pumps are mounted in the tank with integral overflow, so I don't need a second run for each tank to return fuel back to said tank from the engine. Also shown on this picture is the longitudinal bulkhead I added to the avionics bay. This is to help me mount my electrical system. It has the nice effect of separating the fuel from the ignition sources...

Second photo is of the port side fuel line. It's high pressure, to accomodate fuel injection. It also will handle AvGas, kerosene, alcohol, MoGas, and a few other things I can't imagine it will ever see.

Third photo is the port side wing stub, where the fuel line ends. I've got an AN6 bulkhead fitting at the terminus, with a thread protector on it to save the fitting and keep out construction debris. This way when I attach the wings, I'll have just a short line to connect.

Hard to see in all of this are the Oetiker hose clamps I'm using. Let me just say to anyone who is not yet sold on these little beauties: Best Hoseclamp Ever!
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