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Bob's RV-8 Build Site
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Date:  11-6-2021
Number of Hours:  0.00
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Brief Description:  Dustin's Wing Attachment Assistance

A local guy at our airport named Dustin has been working on an RV-14. He was hoping to get it up in the air this fall but like many of us are time lines our time lines are often just wishful thinking.

Either way a couple weeks ago he asked me if I could put time on the calendar for this weekend that we may come over and assist with making his build look even more like an airplane! So Saturday mid morning myself, Rob Brooks and Dustin showed up to get the job done.

The great part of the RV14 is the wings are "plug n play". You just have the wing bolts to worry about whereas on the other models such as my RV8 you have to level the airplane, set up plumb bobs, take a bunch of measurements, and then drill a hole in the rear spar to set the angle of incidence. This was easy peezy and everything lined up well! The design is really amazing on how all the predrilled skins and parts mate so well. We got it completed in the mid afternoon.

Rob and Dustin decided to head out in Rob's RV7 for a quick lunch at a nearby airport. I was going to head back home to get back on my project but saw another airport bum Glen in his hangar. Glen had a Thorp for years but about a year ago bought an RV6 nose dragger. He had been struggling with some health issues so I wanted to stop in and visit with him for a while.

While there I had another pilot I know named Jim come and asked me to assist him with doing a compression check on his after speaking with Glen for a while I went off to Jims hangar to assist him.

You's a great day when you get to spend time amoungst an airport with fellow aviators and the great ambiance that surrounds the hangar activity. No building on my project today but some day I will need a crew to assist me in the wing attachment process.....hopefully sooner than later!!
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Proud builder and his machine!

Proud builder and his machine!

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