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CPT Steve
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Date:  1-9-2010
Number of Hours:  4.30
Manual Reference:  02-2

(1) I worked the leading edge on the Verical Stabilizer today. I drew my line on to both sides of the vertical stab, Measured in from the leading edge. It was fairly easy to get the first side of the "V" shaped Vert Stab Leading Edge in to place. I layed it out on the line that I had drawn, aligned it with the top and bottom edges, and clecoed it in to place.
(2) Installing the other side was a little more delicate. The edge did not want to reach to the line that was drawn on the frame. I had to jockey the ribs just a bit that were sticking in to the leading edge. The ribs are a snug fit to begin with, and if one was slightly out of place, it would inhibit the skin from reaching to the line on the frame. Since the front skin of the Vertical Stab is tapered, the front ribs had to be aligned right on the holes of the front skin, or towards the larger end of the taper to make the skin fit properly. I definetly had to use tape to help hold the skin in place until I could find the perfect fit. plus the taped helped in keeping the skin snug against the front spar to prevent any warping.
NOTE: It would help to have a second set of hands when installing the front skin, and if I was to do it again, I would wait until I did.
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